Private Investment Company New York City

GoGlux LLC is a leading private investment firm based in New York City. We invest in undiscovered opportunities to deliver optimum returns to private investors across the US. We aim to generate attractive investment returns by purchasing, rehabilitating, and leasing commercial real estate, renewable energy, telecom and real assets in fast-growing markets. We specialize in investing in groundbreaking technology platforms. Our expert consultants buy, turn around, and sell businesses with a significant investment return over a multi-year investment cycle.

Private Investor NYC

Our Benefit
The company aims to provide quality investment opportunities to investors and partners, maintaining a high standard of transparency and accountability. We combine our expertise with our sophisticated distribution structure.
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Global Consulting
GoGlux LLC is a global fund administrator, financial advisory, and venture management firm offering a wide range of services and investment consultation to a diversified clientele across the world.
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Private Investment Company New York City

Our Services


Real Assets Investment Solutions

Our real asset business is wholly integrated with the company’s credit businesses and private equity. Our philosophy is driven to provide optimal investment return value to investors, brokers, bankers, and taxpayers.

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Private Credit Investing

We are proud to have the most competent asset management experts in our team. We focus on providing an attractive risk-adjusted return on investment and capital preservation for our clients.

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Private Equity

Since its inception, private equity is the foundation of the GoGlux LLC business. Our private equity funds are capable of yielding strong market returns and emphasis on downside protection.

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GoGlux: Your One Stop Investment Company in New York

This is the best time in the world to invest in properties, startups, and companies. Experts believe the economy will go up, and it is the right time now to work with an investment firm! New York City hosts numerous growth opportunities for aspiring investors who say big money is not buying/ selling but investing and waiting for the right time to make a move! Uncertainty is driving asset prices down, creating bargain deals in the housing and stock markets. GoGlux believes it can realize billion-dollar opportunities in this climate for investors, brokers, bankers, and taxpayers. We have been serving a diverse range of investors associated with various sectors. We are excited to invest in tech, banking, pharmaceuticals, or the energy sector for profitable returns. Typically, private investors hold different stocks to diversify their holdings and minimize risk.

We are committed to delivering the most impactful returns to our clients!

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