Telecom Focused Private Equity

GoGlux LLC is a NY based telecom focused private equity firm. We have a considerable experience of investing in wired/wireless communications, media, Internet infrastructure, and business information services. We have many examples in our investment history that originally included undervalued or overlooked telecommunications infrastructure assets at the time of their acquisition. Reach us out to discuss our portfolio and the upcoming investment opportunities in the Telecom sector.

Telecom Focused Private Equity

GoGlux: Telecom Venture Capital Firm from New York

GoGlux is one of the leading private equity firms specializing in telecommunications businesses in and outside the US. We are based in New York, US, however our investment scope goes beyond the continents. We provide investment opportunities for all kinds of telecom ventures including cabling, electronic and semiconductor venture capital. The sub sectors that interest us include machine-to-machine communication, cloud & hosted services, data centers, communications infrastructure, cable/broadband, and B2B media or databases.

For most businesses targeted by GoGlux, the corporate landscape is dramatically changing thanks to the widespread adoption of wireless devices, managed and hosted solutions, the proliferation of the cloud, new communications protocols, and the growth of the Internet & its related online services. Employing managers who remain proactive on such rapidly changing trends, we will continue to invest in companies related to infrastructure in our Communications category since they are ideally positioned to reap the most benefits from these changes.

Telecom Venture Capital Firm

Trends in the US Private Equity Sector

This sector has some trends, including:

  • Surpassing of historical levels after recovery of investment levels past the crash.
  • The size of investment in the remaining world expanding, particularly in Asia and Europe, while the main focus continues to be North America
  • The average transaction size has doubled what it was at the time.
  • The evolution of PE investment in telecommunications has had three clearly identifiable periods since 2000.
  • The private equity industry is changing in nature due to incumbent targeting in the telecommunication sector.

Challenges for the Telecom Sector

Challenges for Telecom Sector

The telecom sector in the US has been facing several challenges recently. Thanks to increasing competition and declining core market growth, many telecom companies face declining or flat revenues. GoGlux needs to reconsider its investment strategy to make value-offering and intelligent decisions in such a challenging landscape. Staying updated on the latest technologies to ensure product differentiation and meet the rising demand for interactive applications and services is what now determines a crucial battle among competitors while providing dependable and consistent service to customers to stay market-relevant. However, this indicates a problem since upgrading a country-wide network infrastructure is a substantial operational and financial demand.

More so than ever before, the key to successful telecommunications forms is anan optimized and effective investment allocation strategy. In addition, the 4th coming face-off for the rollout, which is highly capital intensive, is posing yet another challenge to investment decisions since operators will have to decide based on complex ROI assessments and very granular, street-by-street valuations.

On the bright side, however, there has been a vast increase in the chances of improving investment decisions using advanced analytics methods. Not using this type of data today would mark us just as are missed opportunity – it would be a colossal blunder. Sadly, most operators still use a few drivers, including customer complaints and technical performance, to base their investment prioritization on network deployment.

We are Specialized Private Equity Telecom Investors

The way people conduct business, share information and communicate with each other has been radically transformed by technology. GoGlux is a telecom-focused private equity firm that has capitalized on this rapid growth in the telecom sector. We have been investing in several firms that use propriety networks and information, media, services, and software to help other firms do business with each other by communicating more efficiently.

We have particularly been private equity telecom investors for long. Our resourceful experts actively seek opportunities in network-based services, technology-based outsourcing, data and information services, and software. We hire top-class entrepreneurs and famous managers who are currently active in these sectors.

Innovations and continuous development of data networks, software & technology have created exciting new investment opportunities for GoGlux. Reach us out for a discussion or appointment.

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