Private Equity Firm in New York City

GoGlux is a professional private equity company based in New York City. The firm strives to expand its overall investment value with opportunistic build-ups and buyouts. Having years of market experience, our professional team makes sure the pooled funds are appropriately utilized. We acquire equities at a discounted rate to ensure optimal return on investment. We trust our years of industry knowledge in commercial real estate, renewable energy, business services, telecom, and financial services. Our market-responsive business model enables us to identify and discover creative investment solutions. The firm’s flexible business operations help capitalize on market dislocations. This allows us to identify and acquire valuable assets with promising future returns for its clients.

Private Equity Firm in New York City

Our Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Our private equity professionals brainstorm, develop, or reconfigure the products/services offered by a business with price or cost adjustments if necessary. Our comprehensive market analysis helps us cut costs where we need to reduce headcount, operating expenses, or any direct cost related to manufacturing or services. To encourage more returns, our private equity experts reassess supplier relationships to negotiate better costs. Similarly, we also launch new digital or direct marketing campaigns to support business growth. By identifying valuable clients or customers, we realize our profit-generating strategies to increase loyalty or bring in new clients.

  • Investments in funds: GoGlux invests in funds that attract global managers. Our professionals are located in different regions other than New York as well. The decisions are made by our committee and cofounders. A team of fund investors offers resources across the board for the entire firm. The GoGlux Fund Investment team can promptly and aptly pick various profitable market trends.
  • Secondaries: The private equity assets the secondary investments team at GoGlux handles range up to over $1 billion. The professionals on this team are very experienced, particularly in portfolio restructuring and acquisition.
  • Co-investments: Using a diversified portfolio having co-investments on it, the GoGlux co-investment team wants to get attractive returns on private equity. It maximizes opportunities by choosing the most attractive investors that have good sponsors. The strategy they use is different from those of other co-investment managers in that:
  • The deal and sponsors get a structured analysis. A two-tiered strategy is adopted to do this, which focuses on both the transaction quality and the sponsor’s capacity to add value and execute the transaction.
  • The scale of the GoGlux Co-Investment Program and Funds is leveraged.
  • A reliable and active underwriting partner is hired.
  • A dedicated approach is used.

The co-investment team members can start early to speed up a deal and help the transaction underwriting process with a sponsor to take action on the broader syndication procedure of the co-investment. They get to focus on a wide range of industries and deal categories to devise a truly diversified investment portfolio.

Our Mission

Being a financial solution provider, GoGlux works in several industries and sectors to provide various alternatives to real estate investment options. Our unique selling proposition is that we provide unconventional, out-of-the-box solutions to traditional financial issues. Our firm aims to favorably change and impact the financial reputation of our customers and associates.

We provide private equity services in following areas:

  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Commercial Real Estate
  3. Financial Services
  4. Business Services
  5. Telecom Private Equity
Managment Services

GoGlux: A Middle Market Private Equity Firm from New York City

The economy will recover post-Covid, so this is a good time to invest in startups and properties. Right now, the market is riddled with uncertainty, due to which the stock and housing markets are seeing many bargains offers to sprout. GoGlux being a NYC based middle market private firm is ready to capitalize on this opportunity by realizing multi billion-dollar returns to taxpayers, bankers, brokers, and investors.

We remain true to our mission, offering the most resourceful returns to the clients we serve.

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