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GoGlux is a New York based business services private equity firm that invests in various companies not only in the US but all around the world. Our firm seeks to empower exceptional management teams by partnering with them and delivering its proven success record in executing structured and organized growth programs.

Business Services Private Equity Firm

Business services providers focus on providing support to the operations of separate commercial entities as their core offer. The services may vary from different industrial applications, including consumer services private equity, financial services, legal & accounting, HR, marketing, knowledge skills, third-party logistics, or facility maintenance to security. The lines between other sectors and the business services sector tend to be blurred since the end markets are just as broad as the economy is. Being a leading NYC based private equity company, we work in majority of business services areas as mentioned.

Why Invest in Business Services?

Since this sector usually has firsthand recognition of the value proposition being provided, it is extremely attractive to business services investors. This comparison has gotten even more critical since companies have been a force to reconsider revamping their complete business model thanks to market disruption.

Companies such as 3G have relaunched zero-based budgeting, for instance, asking portfolio firms to reconsider each cost individually to see which one can be eliminated, automated, outsourced, or rationalized. In a 2015 report, Bain & Company mentioned that companies can optimize their competitiveness and efficiency while reducing as much as 10% to 20% of their overhead costs. This helps specialized service providers enjoy economies of scale, thus offering them great initial success.

Being a global business services private equity firm, we welcome investors from all over the world. Just leave us an email for discussing the opportunities.

GoGlux: A Leading Business Services Private Equity Firm

Companies that have a unique position to gain from changing business requirements and shifting corporate landscapes are targeted by the GoGlux business services team. Our officials search for companies providing valued and unique solutions to the challenges conventional businesses face in the various industries they operate. The vertical sub-sectors in the Business Services category include marketing and content services, media, educational services, environmental services, outsourced services, and information services. Businesses having promising future potential get identified by GoGlux as it partners up with trained industry executives and leverages its vast network.

GoGlux Business Services Investments

Once the investment has been made, we work hand-in-hand with your management to achieve business objectives and execute the strategy by offering guidance, opting for transformative combinations and additional acquisitions. We tap on its vast network, sharing relationships, and experience in the international capital markets. We offer synergies and best practice access from the base of portfolio companies it has served.

Our focus investment areas include:


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