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GoGlux is a New York based commercial real estate private equity company vying to proactively manage investor funds in the property market. Leveraging an active fund management strategy, We have been adopting a diversified technique to help prospective financiers enjoy maximum returns on investment. We pool capital from accredited or high-net-worth individuals to give them profitable offer and bargains they cannot turn down.

Commercial Real Estate Private Equity Firm

GoGlux: One of the Leading Small Scale Real Estate Private Equity Firms

GoGlux represents both the operators and investors in a diverse range of real estate private equity funds. We are a small scale real estate private equity firm dealing in all kinds of commercial properties including boutique private equity, commercial buildings, office spaces, retail, industrial, hotel properties and more. Our dealings include fund structuring/restructuring and formation, mortgage and mezzanine development, dispositions, acquisitions, and financing, as well as preferred equity and joint ventures. Our lawyers draw from a wide variety of skill sets, helping us adhere to the unique requirements of both global and domestic clients. Our firm helps you through all levels of the real deal.

Why Make Investment in Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial real estate is a high-risk-high-reward market, people who invest in it usually have a high net worth and hold large capital amounts needed in CRE investing. An area that offers high demand and a lesser supply of CRE is likely to have the best property since it would provide a reasonable rent rate. The value of the CRE transaction would also be affected by the strength or weakness of the local economy.

Commercial Real Estate Investment

Business property market also serves as a pretty attractive hedge against the risk of investing in the notoriously volatile stock market. While property appreciation offers an excellent profit to investors when they sell property, most profits tend to be realized from tenants that rent out a property since it usually comes over the long term, thereby getting more prominent due to accumulation.

By owning physical property, investors can also make direct investments in real estate, making them the landlord. The best profiles for making such investments tend to be people who are in a position to employ a private equity real estate investment firm and those who have extensive information on the market.

On the other hand, indirect investments can also be made by investors via alternative methods. These include investing in companies that serve the real estate market, such as realtors and banks, or in-market securities, including exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and real estate investment trusts (REITs).


Our Investment Strategy

We are a private equity firm from New York city. Our investment strategy includes a mix of direct and indirect investments to better mitigate risk. GoGlux keeps the unique investment preferences of clients in mind and helps them effectively and effortlessly adhere to their liquidity and risk appetite. This helps them maximize their profits over the long run in compliance with their short and long-term goals.

Private Equity Advisory Process

The advisory process at the private equity real estate investment firm is straightforward. It consists of:

  • Identifying the unique objectives of the investment: Each client is different and has special needs. GoGlux keeps the individual investment preferences of clients in mind and helps them effectively and effortlessly adhere to their liquidity and risk appetite. This helps them maximize their profits over the long run in compliance with their short and long-term goals.
  • Allocating Assets: Our firm makes personalized asset allocations for each client that focus on their long-term outlook. It also uses tactical strategies to capture exceptional opportunities and situations that result from dislocations.
  • Constructing the Portfolio: The clients’ assets are invested by our firm using a mixed portfolio consisting of direct investments, third-party funds, and securities. GoGlux tries to make a concentrated portfolio with its best techniques by managing with a group of closely monitored managers. The high-quality managers our firm invests with are few but yield high and adequate returns; therefore, we are very selective in hiring and keen on retaining them. In a bid to avoid excessive return dilution, GoGlux focuses on efficient diversification. For this reason, it seeks niches, strategies, and portfolios that differ from each other so that the volatility gets moderated instead of being exaggerated.
  • Reporting and Service: Our in-house capabilities help clients with all aspects of the service, including cash management, tax reporting, and administration. GoGlux offers the responsiveness and individual attention every client deserves.

Why Choose GoGlux?

GoGlux - Small Real Estate Private Equity

The economy will recover post-Covid, so this is a good time to invest in startups and properties. Right now, the market is riddled with uncertainty, due to which the stock and housing markets are seeing some bargain offers sprouting. We as a leading commercial real estate private equity firm are ready to capitalize on this opportunity by realizing multibillion-dollar returns to taxpayers, bankers, brokers, and investors.

We remain true to our mission, offering the most resourceful returns to the clients we serve. Feel free to give us a call or through the contact options below.

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