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GoGlux is a NYC based financial services focused private equity company that has been investing in Finance and Technology sector for long. We have a proven history of providing profitable returns to our investors and partners. We provide lucrative investment opportunities not only in USA but all major markets worldwide.

Financial Services Private Equity Firm

Fintech Private Equity Investment

GoGlux has a rich history of investing private equity in Fintech companies and the broader financial services firms. Since risk-adjusted returns tend to be attractive more consistently in less cyclical areas, we keep our focus on Finance and Technology.

Businesses focusing on the financial services domain are included in the investment opportunities we pursue. These entities often participate in delivering a financial product or service to consumers or other businesses or as third-party vendors. Unwavering growth and the business model’s operating leverage attracts many Fintech and financial services firms to report significant earnings and increased profitability. GoGlux enjoys strong relationships with industry analysts, leaders, and experts. Our expertise in the sector helps us tap unexplored opportunities in the Fintech landscape.

What are Fintech Companies?

What are Fintech Companies

Fintech (short for Financial Technology) refers to the technological advancement in the financial methods used to deliver financial services. There is significant progress in the Fintech industry for the past decade as it has introduced state-of-the-art technology in the Finance sector.

Examples of Fintech Enterprises

Good examples of Fintech enterprises we can refer to are Stripe, Chime, Robinhood, Wealthfront, Personal Capital and Kabbage. The companies have seen major growth in the recent past years, introducing newer concepts and techniques in the traditional financial practices. Learn more about the biggest Fintech companies in the US.

Scope of Investing in Financial Services in the US

In the US, financial markets enjoy very high liquidity and size compared to the rest of the world. The finance and insurance sector reflected $1.5 trillion (7.4 percent) of the gross domestic product of the US in recent years. This creates jobs in the country both indirectly and directly. Significant economic activity gets generated when leaders are hired in this rapidly growing and large sector.

Scope of Financial Services in US Market

The finance and facilitation of agriculture products and manufactured goods in the US is being facilitated by financial products and services. The country exported $114.5 billion to the financial services and insurance sector in the same period, after gaining a profit of $40.8 billion in the insurance and financial services trade. These sectors had hired over 6.3 million people by the end of 2018, and experts believe the numbers are expected to surge more!

Financial firms enjoy significant advantages by investment in the financial services industry in the US. A minimum of 28 financial services firms (of the entire Fortune Global 500 companies) in 2018 had selected the US as their country of choice to headquarter their business in. This is to make the most of its comprehensive, competitive, yet creative financial services market. It offers the best combination of financial products and instruments that help consumers fulfill their financial requirements, create wealth and mitigate risk.

GoGlux: NYC Based Private Equity Firm Investing in Financial Services

GoGlux is a professional New York based private equity firm. We provide investment opportunities to innovative managers in the financial services and Fintech sector. It searches for seasoned team members who have experience cracking complicated end markets and businesspersons who have become indispensable to clients. Many success stories exist in this sector. GoGlux comes with a difference. We team up with its extensive network of partners to work on transforming these entities into sector leaders. We are careful and selective in choosing the right people to work with – the intention is to extract more returns from the sector.

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