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GoGlux works as a renewable energy private equity firm for the growing scope and opportunities in the energy sector. The sector is appreciated as a rapidly expanding investment venture which furthers the advantages of capitalizing on green investment objectives and environmental sustainability goals! If you’re looking toward an investment opportunity in this area, get in touch with us for further discussion.

renewable energy private equity firm

Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities in the US Market

The renewable energy sector is full of opportunities for private equity investors. Adding GoGlux’s workable strategy further allows investing companies to seek profitable returns from the energy market.

As a fact, the developing markets require access to sufficient energy supply resources to grow economically. Electricity access to around 1.3 billion people in developing markets remains compromised. To realize the 2°C goals set up in the UN Climate Change Conference, approximately $16.5 trillion is needed until 2030 to redesign the International Energy System in compliance with the goals.

Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities USA

Domestic renewables are heavily subsidized under the US tax code. This is an exclusive characteristic that has always defined the investment landscape of the US renewable energy sector. Most solar projects are eligible for a federal tax credit covering 30 percent of their total costs. In contrast, wind projects are currently eligible for $24/MWh of the power they generate through their initial 10 operating years. Add in depreciation tax deductions, and the benefits realized typically exceed 50 percent of the project value!

GoGlux: Professional Private Equity Firm for Renewable Energy

The economy will recover post-Covid, so this is a good time to invest in startups and properties. Right now, the market is riddled with uncertainty, due to which the stock and housing markets are seeing several bargains offers sprouting. Investment plans in this sector require close collaboration with professional private equity firms. The energy sector is the future of living. It is ready to capitalize on this opportunity by realizing multi billion-dollar returns to taxpayers, bankers, brokers, and investors.

GoGlux is a leading private equity firm from New York City. We remain true to our mission, offering the most resourceful returns to the clients we serve. Contact us for discussing opportunities any kinds in the renewable energy area.

Our Focus Areas in the Renewable Energy Equity

Solar Energy Private Equity

We serve multiple areas in the renewable energy sector including biomass energy, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal power and hydropower. Over the past few decades, the US has witnessed a substantial increase in investments in renewable energy. Private equity firms’ investments rose from $11.3 billion in 2005 to $59 billion in 2019, thanks to the green energy programs. In terms of renewable energy capital investment, the country has been a key market. The US has also centered efforts specifically on utility scale renewable technologies and small-scale solar ones. Clean energy investments in the world mounted to $301.7 billion in 2019 alone.

Our Strategy

Being a renewable energy private equity fund, GoGlux buys, sells, and turns around businesses generating substantial returns over a multi-year investment cycle. What sets us apart from competition is our smarter way to get around – we invest in groundbreaking real estate technology platforms.

Of the $59 billion investments made in renewable energy technologies in the US in 2019, more than 60% was lost to system incompetence, inflicting a loss of $1.2 trillion to the US economy.

GoGlux’s energy investment strategy focuses on eliminating these system inadequacies by helping firms build more and more energy-efficient residential and commercial buildings and increase production of low-carbon transportation fuels.

The world we live in is seeking to drive infinite economic growth from finite resources. This means every year there will be higher and higher energy demands that need to be fulfilled, in the face of ageing system infrastructure that is riddled with system inefficiencies as it decreases carbon emissions. All this is happening as communities around the world are struggling with basic shelter needs as resources are continually getting exhausted. Our workable strategy delivers strong risk-adjusted profits to renewable energy private equity investors. We keep in mind a measurable and meaningful impact is made, as we address one of the most troubling challenges our world continues to face.

Growth Potential in The Renewable Energy Sector

The renewable energy sector in the US has a lot of future potential. It is currently growing to include new investment structures, revenue models, and the latest technologies. Billions worth of capital has been raised by vast pools of distributed, small-scale, and even individual solar systems thanks to tax equity, private placements, securitizations, and controlling or passive debt & equity investments. According to the American Investment Council, over $11 billion was invested into renewable energy projects in 2020 by private equity firms.

In the US, Blackstone announced in 2020 that it will start cutting its carbon emissions by 15% in 2021, within the first three years of investing in a new asset. The Carlyle Group invested over $130 million in Acadia Renewable Energy, a venture having eight solar projects that will power 19K homes in Maine with solar energy once the project is completed.

Joint ventures with developers having limited capital are continuously being sought by funds so that they can build scale to facilitate public exits in the future, launch a grandfathered project for tax credit about to expire, or simply develop a project pipeline. This provides GoGlux a platform having many opportunities it knows just how to capitalize on. If you want to discuss our investment portfolio of the renewable energy sector, reach our experts out today.

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