Real Assets Investment Solutions

GoGlux, LLC provides effective and gainful real assets investment solutions to its partners across the globe. We are a NY-based investment management firm running real estate private equity in and outside the US. Our strategies and investments have a proven track of success.

What are Real Assets?

Real Assets Investment Solutions

Any tangible investment having intrinsic value may be called a real asset. Since they have a history of providing above-average profits (depending on the market they operate in), institutional investors usually favor real assets. GoGlux offers a long-term view and commitment toward profitable real assets investment solutions in the following types:


1- Timberland

Timberland Assets

Investors looking to add fixed-income products to diversify their equity portfolios can consider timberland. Millions of acres of timberland both internationally and in the US are held by universities, individual investors, charitable trusts, and pension funds.

2- Infrastructure

Infrastructure Assets

Any real asset that takes the form of communication assets, roads, energy, or any important service or facility critical to the economic progress of the society it exists in is infrastructure. The infrastructure strategy aims to invest in four primary markets: social structures (including student housing, courthouses, and hospitals), telecom, renewables & power, and transportation. It prefers assets that have smooth operations. Most of the profits come from practical capital appreciation and cash yields.

3- Farmland Assets

Farmland Assets

Since they offer a hedge against inflation, low correlation with other assets, and a relatively stable ROI, global agricultural land provides a very compelling investment opportunity for direct investment. GoGlux is benefiting from investments in farmland since they are fulfilling international demand for food and practicing environmentally sustainable methods to sustain it over the long run.

4- Agribusiness


Considered an essential agricultural investment subcategory, agribusiness consists of any company that derives either indirectly or directly from agriculture. The agribusiness strategy devised by GoGlux sources capital via subordinated debt and non-controlling equity to encourage growth in food companies and leading agribusinesses over the long term.

5- Commodities

Commodities Assets

Investors looking to diversify their portfolio beyond conventional securities tend to consider commodities. These include raw materials used as ingredients to build other products or those used in direct consumption, such as food. The returns provided by commodity stocks and commodities vary from those offered by alternative bonds and stocks over time.

6- Listed Real Assets

The listed asset strategy makes use of internal proprietary research to make investments in equity securities of public infrastructure and real estate firms that offer the best value proposition compared with their growth potential and underlying assets.

Real Assets Investment Management

Real Estate Investment Management

GoGlux offers profitable real assets investment management opportunities to practical investors. Our team discloses the newer opportunities where one can invest his capital. While a general rule of thumb still largely remains the wide limits on each asset class, the lucrativeness of each opportunity ultimately determines the direction the investment process takes. In this pragmatic method, the benefits of individual deals are significantly emphasized upon. However, the risk of unplanned or random factor biases being created in the portfolio still remains.

This, however, is countered by a complementary factor-oriented method that develops factor targets to yield better factor exposures before investing and sourcing capital. The downside of this process is the lengthy implementation process it usually has.

We provide a hybrid real assets investment solution here. While the basis is still demanding factor targeting and analysis, the opportunistic deal choice is still allowed thanks to the flexibility of this approach. To execute this strategy successfully, private investments must be combined with public real asset strategies.

1- The Deal-oriented Opportunistic Method

Many tangible assets have a private nature which implies that building a portfolio based on real assets only would be determined by the availability of deals. As funds get raised by general partners, the most lucrative deals get selected by institutional investors for their portfolios.

The result is that a portfolio gets created by this opportunistic method that consists of both assets and their associated risk exposures getting driven by the nature of the dynamic between the investor and his real asset partners and the deal flow.

However, the perks of being well-positioned to make tactical commitments and respond promptly to new opportunities for the portfolio are countered by the cost of bringing in unplanned factor biases in it.

2- The Strategic Factor-oriented Method

A rather strategic method to construct a real asset portfolio is taking a strategic factor-oriented approach. Specific factor exposures get targeted to determine portfolio composition. Before they commit the capital, investors find out what their optimal factor exposures are. Factor exposure targets then get populated by sourced opportunities.

The risk of unplanned factor concentrations also gets mitigated by the portfolio’s overall asset allocation, which includes developments of the said targets. Care must be taken to follow this approach very rigidly since that makes investors reject lucrative opportunities that don’t entirely meet their set factor exposure targets.

3- The Hybrid Method that Practically Implements Allocations

The approach proposed by GoGlux brings in the best of both the discussed methods. The result is a factor-based, strategic method with enough flexibility to facilitate tactical asset allocation as opportunities arise for new investment.

The practical process of meeting factor exposure targets even to a certain degree is quite challenging. Investment in real assets relies largely on fund offerings and the availability of new and lucrative opportunities. This holds true not only for private investment mechanisms but even for public pools investing in similar basic assets as private entities.

The achievement of the investor’s objectives requires a thorough assessment of these investment opportunities for their potential. If such an opportunity has potential, then capital must be sourced timely to make the most of the offer.

Our Real Assets Investment Strategy

GoGlux engages in purchasing long-term, low-risk multi-family real estate assets with immediate positive cash flow opportunities with added value from renovations and long-term appreciation. Our investment strategy is re-worked to address investor uncertainty. We buy, rehabilitate, and lease multi-family residential real estate and eventually selling these at a significant profit after a specific holding period. The company actively discovers and invests in various real estate technology platforms that offer significant returns for its real estate opportunity fund.

Investment Areas

GoGlux aspires to have $1 billion in assets under management in 1 year. We focus on a separate private equity business catering to real assets in one region – we aim to expand across different geographical regions as we grow on to become a full-scale business real asset liability management platform. We invest in all kinds of real assets including commercial real estate, residential properties and other tangible entities.

Investing in Real Estate Assets with GoGlux

GoGlux LLC focuses on investing in potential high-yielding assets. Our consultants can identify positive global economic and demographic trends for steering investments to acquire positive results. Our diverse team leverages global market information to identify opportunities and returns of potential investments. Our existing portfolio speaks volumes about our ability to deliver in different sectors or geographies. We maximize the investment return rate by combining our credit and private equity businesses with our real asset business. Our work philosophy is driven by the urge to capture positive returns.

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