Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our business model lays significant emphasis on meeting ESG issues. Keeping in mind these problems, the funds managed by GoGlux are invested responsibly with strong consideration to how the investment may affect the communities in which the businesses operate.

Adhering to these detriments, GoGlux LLC has devised a working investment management strategy to inspire optimal return on investment with minimal impacts. As appropriate and applicable, the company:

  • Integrates ESG issues for investment analysis and decision-making;
  • Involves ESG problems with valid investments GoGlux manages;
  • Determines applicable and appropriate disclosure of ESG-related problems through managed investments;
  • Reports on ESG progress and activities to partners; and
  • Give provisions for ESG practices implementation in the industry.

Our Criteria for Responsible Business

To appropriately connect with the wider community, GoGlux partners with charitable organizations to help the community in need. Our intention is to give back to the community and operate as a responsible business.

At our company, we strictly support workforce inclusivity and diversity. From recruitment to training, we strive to source a pool of talent from different places to increase the chances of attracting a diversified talent pool.

GoGlux LLC frequently endeavors to measure, manage, and improve its ESG performance. We use our resources to drive a better return for investors, brokers, bankers, and taxpayers. Likewise, we strive to become responsible environmental stewards, giving back to the community as much as we can!